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Have deeper, more impactful conversations

Weekly reflections

Every team member will identify opportunities and challenges to help guide your company forward.

Effortless integration.

Haby is built right into Slack so your team doesn't have to learn any new tools.

Share Reflections

Write openly knowing that you control who sees it.

Track Morale

Stay on top of how your team is feeling.

Safe and Secure

All your data stays in Slack so you can be confident it's safe.

How does Haby fit into your workflows?

By transforming your most important conversations.


Being in sync with your co-founders is critical to success. Let your reflections drive your conversations, relationship, and company strategy.

Direct Reports

The 1:1 is the foundation to a good manager - direct report relationship. Use weekly reflections to drive the agenda and retain your best employees.


Your investors and advisors are there to support you. Leverage them frequently with asks by sharing parts of your reflections.

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