Company OS

This Notion template is an all-in-one place for team collaboration.

A letter to all startups

Hey everyone -

I'm Michael Joseph. I'm a long time product manager and I currently lead product at AdBlock, everyone's favorite browser extension.

I've learned that setting up tooling at a fast-growing company is painful and slow. You end up spending time organizing the tools instead of actually building stuff. I should know. I've done it. A LOT.

But what I've also learned is that you can do almost everything in Notion, especially in the early days. I made this Notion template so that any team can use it to manage all their product development needs. And as you grow, you can layer in other tools to easily fill in the gaps.

It's what I use for AdBlock and Haby, and I'd love for you to try it out too. I know cash can be limited for early stage companies, so I've made it available for free, but if you have the resources, I'd really appreciate it if you pay what you think is fair for the template.

Happy building!

See it in action

We're strong believers of practice what you preach and building in public here at Haby. That's why this is the exact same template we use to manage our company, and we've made it fully accessible to everyone. You can see exactly how we use the template here.