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Meta ID

Meta ID

There are so many amazing NFT and metaverse projects that have been launched, but they've all been launched in their own silos, and are building independently. Right now, the metaverse of one project is completely separate from the metaverse of another.

But what if we could all build together? Decentralized and open with intertwined games, art, and stories that collectively enrich and advance all the independent projects that together make up the true metaverse. As the Loot community says, from a cohesive foundation, we can build an infinitely-expansive universe.

Meta ID provides that foundation by bringing together these different projects into one NFT. As individuals, it means we can now all be in the same metaverse. We might have different experiences because of the communities we're a part of, but they all happen in "one place". As developers, it means we have shared language to build upon and a much broader audience we can reach.

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